Surprisify Playlist Generator

Exciting new playlists just for you.

How it works

Step 1:
Login through Spotify. We use Spotify's secure authorization process to create playlists for you.

Step 2:
When prompted, enter the desired "level". Generally, the higher the level, the more obscure. Levels higher than 2 tend to have many artists the user might not have heard of.

Step 3:
Enjoy! Your new playlist will be waiting for you as soon as it's processed.


Surprisify was created with the goal of giving Spotify users a quick platform to generate playlists of songs and artists that might be new to them. The usage of 'levels' was created to give the user full control over how obscure the artists and songs would be. The program uses Spotify's Web API in order to gather data about the user's top artists listening history. It then randomly searches through related artists of the top artists, and given how high of a 'level' inputted by the user, goes indefinitely deep (similar to Inception) in to other related aritsts and gets recommended songs, before putting them all into a playlist. More info on the code can be found on GitHub.

About me

My name is Stephen Chou and I'm currently a sophomore at The Ohio State University studying Computer Science Engineering. I love listening to music, so I came up with the idea of a playlist generator that could generate a bunch of songs and artists that I've never heard of almost instantaneously given an obscurity "level". The backend program was made in Python using Flask (web framework) and SQLAlchemy (database storage), and the fronted was made in HTML/CSS and deployed to Heroku. My contact links are below.